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Made with the highest-quality, all-natural, organic ingredients to ensure optimal oral hygiene, while making sure to avoid harmful ingredients.

Dr. Brite® oral care formulas are made with certified organic ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera juice to naturally prevent cavities, whiten teeth and freshen breath. Have confidence knowing that there are no synthetics in these products. Dr Brite® products are committed to creating organic everyday items that are good for you and the environment. The personal care products that you use in and around your mouth on a daily basis are absorbed through your skin and the soft tissues of the mouth. This is why they source the highest-quality organic ingredients for these oral care solutions.

Highest-quality, organic ingredients. BPA-free, Gluten-free, Non-GMOs, No Sulfates, Fluoride-free, No synthetic sweeteners, No Parabens, Carrageenan-free, Vegan, No artificial colors.
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