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Bringing you real beauty solutions. These unique primer formulas bring together the best of prestige skincare + makeup prep, for skin that looks healthy and makeup that wears longer.

Pro makeup artist Kendra Richards has created countless looks seen on models and celebrities; and knows first hand that it all starts with healthy, hydrated skin. Skin is the canvas for makeup, making the priming step crucial. When she couldn’t find the right product to support her skin-first philosophy, she did what artists do...she made her own. After extensive formulating and testing (on models, never animals), Kendra together with a cosmetic and skincare chemist developed the ideal primer line for face, eyes and lips. The textures + performance had to be just right. No more masking, spackling, or pore-clogging.

The results: unique lightweight, hydrating formulas that smooth, even skin tone, and keep makeup in its place. We call them the Anti-Primer Primers.

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