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Fountain: The Beauty Molecule - does this beauty drink really work?

16 Aug 2015
Fountain The Beauty Molecule with Resveratrol

We’re constantly promised firmer skin from creams and lotions but the latest product is an anti-ageing elixir that you don't apply to your skin - you drink it and it works from within!

Fountain’s The Beauty Molecule claims not only to be a highly effective weapon in the war against wrinkles, but also to boost your overall health.

The Beauty Molecule’s secret is that it contains the antioxidants Resveratrol and Black Carrot, and the anti-ageing super-ingredient hyaluronic acid, which enhances the process by stimulating collagen production and smoothing out wrinkles.

Resveratrol is a super powerful antioxidant we haven’t been hearing a lot about! Resveratrol is not something we have in our bodies, so it’s really useful to have but we need to supplement it into our bodies. That’s why there is such a buzz in the beauty world, everybody is getting excited about the possibility of having these supplements to produce the potential extraordinary effects.

People started to wonder what cream I’d been using, ‘cause my skin was so glowy’ -

Resveratrol works on improving the energy within the skin cells, because it has an effect on the mitochondria. If the skin has more energy, it looks less tired, looks better, and can absorb skin care products much better. Resveratrol delays the aging process by encouraging skin cell division at a slower rate, which extends the life span of cells therefore delaying ageing.

Resveratrol is found in grapes and knotweed supplements, the supplement doesn’t dissolve very well, so to find a version that is already dissolved in a liquid format is a fantastic thing. Fountain contains such a highly concentrated source of resveratrol that you would have to eat 26,000 grapes to get the same dose of resveratrol than one teaspoon of Fountain The Beauty Molecule. You can also upgrade to the extra-strength version if you need an extra boost! In addition, resveratrol has an unpalatable taste, so Fountain has added natural pomegranate to sweeten the flavor.


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The team at Socialite Beauty tried Fountain's The Beauty Molecule for 3 weeks and the effects are quite obvious. Our skin appears (and feels) way more hydrated than usual. Skin tone is improved, not dramatically - but definitely noticeable, also we noticed a decrease in blemishes. We also noticed our skin emitting a glow, which was getting the attention of others in the office! 

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