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Party Season Hair: Get Big, Bouncy Volume with Grow Gorgeous

26 Oct 2017
Grow Gorgeous Party Hair Tips

Pre-Party Hair Prep

We all love the party season and although you might feel as if you’re ready to bring on the canapes and cocktails, unfortunately your hair might not quite be as prepared to be centre of attention.

Our hair, especially during the colder months, can really be pushed to their limit with everyday styling, heat damage and exposure to harsh weather putting a serious dent in our hair’s health. With the party season comes stress (shopping for gifts, work deadlines, extra family time) and it might be surprising to some but your hair can start to show signs of exhaustion. We’ve put together our top tips to prep your hair for the party season, giving it a beauty-full boost and keeping it looking healthy, voluminous and party ready.

Prep your Strands and Scalp

Your strands and scalp are constantly going through everyday wear and tear and can quickly look and feel tired. Product build-up often sits on the scalp blocking the roots and disrupting your hair growth which can leave your tresses looking limp and lifeless.

Prep your scalp and hair for party styling with the Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox. This pre-wash exfoliating treatment detoxes the hair and scalp by removing the product build-up that blocks the roots and disrupts hair growth. It’s the perfect way to give tired hair a much needed boost! This detoxing treatment ensures the products you use afterwards act more effectively as your scalp is thoroughly cleansed and ready to receive product.

Give your Hair a Beauty-full Boost

Give your hair (and your ego!) a beauty-full boost with the Full Bodied Volumising Range from Grow Gorgeous. The Volumising Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner are formulated with a unique blend of proteins, Pea Peptides and feather-light active micro-emulsion to build up and repair each strand of hair without adding weight or sacrificing volume. Nothing says party-ready hair like voluminous tresses and this new range from Grow Gorgeous is the perfect place to start.

For gravity defying hair and soft bouncy volume, wash your hair with the Volumising Shampoo, rinse and towel dry hair. Then apply the Leave-in Volumising Conditioner. This light-weight serum has a unique cocktail of Amino Acids to bind the hair cuticle and cortical cells together, promoting lustre and conditioning whilst giving air-light volume.

Look and feel fabulous by emulating Brigitte Bardot without inflicting back-combing damage on your tresses with this touch-to-style technology. With the Grow Gorgeous Volumising Range you can tease hair into shape with a simple rustle of your fingers and boost your tresses throughout the evening.

Party Ready Bouncy Blow Dry

It’s a classic style for a reason. Our go-to party hair that gets us through the entire season? A big, bouncy blow dry. A smooth, voluminous blow out always looks effortlessly chic, and with a little practice it’s easy to achieve at home…

  1. Air Dry First
    A lot of women dread washing their hair purely because of the effort it takes to dry it! One of our top blow dry tips is to actually let your hair mostly air dry first. Rather than blasting wet hair until it’s reasonably dry and then just, well, hoping for the best (we’ve all done it) leave your hair to dry naturally until it’s about 70% dry and begin styling. Blow drying sopping wet hair isn’t necessary and damages hair with the heat. Damp hair is easier to manipulate so that your desired style can be achieved and ‘set’ far easier than starting with dripping wet hair.
  2. Flip it!
    Want a voluminous boost for you party hair style? For volume at the roots, flip your head upside down and blast the roots to create a natural lift. Blow-drying hair downwards will smooth and seal hair cuticles and concentrating some heat at the roots will help boost volume and stop strands from falling flat.
  3. Cool Down
    Our blow dry tips don’t stop just because your hair is dry! Once you’re happy with your blow dry, give your hair a minute to cool down and relax a little. To speed up the setting process use a cool blast of air (most hairdryers have a cold setting) right at the end of styling when your rounded hair brush is still in your hair to lock in the style.
  4. The Finishing Touch
    The final ‘je ne sais quoi’ that takes you from good hair to gorgeous hair? A touch of dazzling shine! The Grow Gorgeous ultra-lightweight, non-greasy Shine Serum uses next generation uncharged silicons that form a film around hair to reflect light and achieve a blindingly-bright diamond shine after one application. With unique technologies this multitasking blend of moisturiser, primer and high refractive top coat binds to the hair for amplified gleam and shine, helping to smooth stray stands and frizz. For best results apply small amount serum onto the palm of your hands. Smooth through the lengths of your hair avoiding the roots.

Don’t forget the Grow Gorgeous Volumising Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner has touch to style technology, so if you want to give your hair an extra boost throughout your evening you can increase the volume with a simple rustle of your fingers.

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