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The NIOD Hero Serums: Copper Amino & Multi Molecular

03 Feb 2017

Revolutionize your skincare with this advanced skincare collection from NIOD. The MMHC & CAIS promise to deliver hydration, and prevent visible skin aging.

This pair is the core of NIOD, they are the must-have’s for skin health! NIOD stands for Non-Invasive Options in Dermal Science and this set delivers hydration, and prevents visible skin aging. These two serums are all about promoting overall skin health. Whether its to fight the first signs or later on in life, this collection is really something for everyone. We’re talking about the NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum and the Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex.

NIOD Copper amino and hyaluronic complex

When you first get this set, you’ll notice that the Copper Amino Isolate Serum 1.00% comes with two bottles. First of all, take the lid off both bottles – you’ll notice is the first serum is a clear liquid; this is the Hyaluronic Acid Cross-Polymer Peptide charged delivery system, this acts as a carrying agent. Our skin is not naturally designed not to absorb water which is why this delivery system is so important. It's a unique cross-linked non-animal form of hyaluronic acid that helps with delivery of water and water-soluble actives through its nonequilibrium gel structure, helping to maintain skin water content. This clear serum also contains the Copper/Proline/Lysine Peptide Stabilization Complex which stabilizes and enhances the activation of the high concentration copper peptides.

Believe the hype. This product is amazing for creating glowing skin ! So glad I found you Socialite Beauty. Easy shopping experience, check out, and fast shipping. Thank you. ~ Heidi O

Pour that clear liquid into the activator bottle, which almost looks empty, but contains the Pure Copper Peptide. When we talk about pure peptides, a concentration of 1% is a very high amount - this is probably one of most super charged peptide serums available now! Copper Peptide is super important because it is what our bodies use for repair. This peptide, as found in the human body, includes activation wound healing, immune function, collagen synthesis, blood vessel development, fibroblast production and anti-inflammatory responses. In our teens we have a lot of copper peptide and it starts to deplete from our early 20’s. This extraordinary concentration targets signs of skin aging, including textural damage, uneven tone, enlarged pores. Whatever area your skin needs repair, it almost personalizes to your skins needs!


Shake the two bottles for about 10 seconds to mix well; the result is s blue serum with a very low-viscosity, it actually has a lower viscosity then water! There is a bit of a misconception when it comes to thick serums; people think the thick, luxurious serums are good for your skin, however, if you can feel a serum on your skin after 3-4 seconds it isn’t being absorbed, it is just sitting on your skin. You can apply a couple drops into the palm of your hand and using your index finger and middle finger, apply to serum to your face.

Give this a try for a few weeks and you will love it. Skin looks progressively better over time. Less dark circles and less breakouts since using this a few months now. Application takes getting used to as it's a liquid not gel. 3-4 drops a day is all you use. Amazing Canadian company. ~ Mark

So why do we need the MMHC serum as well?

NIOD's Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex is the second part of this set. You’ve probably heard about Hyaluronic Acid, it’s a rather famous ingredient in skin care. The reason it is so popular is because it can hold 1000x its weight in water, which makes it incredible for hydration. What you probably haven’t heard before is a product that contains 12 different types of Hyaluronic Acid compounds!

You’ll notice the viscosity of this serums is very thin as well, this is for the optimal delivery of the molecules. HA naturally is a very high molecular weight molecule so some of the other formations you may have tried may have felt a little gel like, or sticky.

This is amazing for oily/acne prone skin. Astringents and acne treatments dry the skin which is not good. A moisturizer is needed to rebalance the skin and reduce irritation. But oily moisturizers are the last thing you want. 3-4 drops of this treatment and your whole face/neck gets the HA it needs to keep moisture in naturally without adding oil. Finally found something to help with moisturizing that doesn't cause breakouts or shine. ~ Mark

In our body, we don’t actually use HA for hydration, it has no natural purpose for that function. HA in our bodies is the reason why our skin can move and doesn’t grind against the bone. So, because you are adding hydration with HA directly to the skin, you almost get more comfort, hydration, and suppleness then even very young skin does. Within our bodies over 50% of our Hyaluronic Acid can be found in our skin, and like the Copper Peptides, by the age of 50, we have lost about 50% of our own HA.


Application of the CAIS & MMHC

You should be using both of these serums morning and night, always use the CAIS first then apply the MMHC. This pair should always be the first steps of your routine.



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