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All Vapour Beauty Powders

09 May 2020
All Vapour Beauty Powders

There are a few staples when it comes to the makeup you apply on your face. When it comes to powders, these are in the form of blush, bronzers, highlighters, and setting powders. Let’s take a look at what Vapour Beauty has to offer when it comes to these products. 

The Vapour Beauty Blush Powder comes in 4 shades, allowing you to express your femininity with this classic pressed powder blush. It offers an elegant velvet touch and vibrant buildable color that can take you from flirty to vivid, day or night. This blush is formulated without Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride. It has rich mineral pigments as well as nourishing and soothing amino acids. It is also hydrating and conditioning due to the inclusion of Olive-derived Squalane.


The Vapour Beauty Bronzing Powder caresses your skin with sun-kissed color for a healthy luminescent glow. This complexion-enhancing bronzer is beautifully blendable and warms the skin with true color that complements all skin tones. Formulated without Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride, it also gets its color from rich mineral pigments as well as nourishing and soothing properties due to amino acids. It contains Olive-derived Squalane for hydrating and conditioning properties similar to the Blush Powder. 


Once you have the desired color on your cheeks and/or bronzed the areas of your face where the sun naturally hits, you want to make sure that everything stays in place. This is where setting powders come into the picture and Vapour Beauty offers two types: the conventional pressed powder as well as the loose powder varieties. 

Both the Pressed Perfecting Powder and the Loose Perfecting Powder help you complete your best complexion with a skin-refining translucent veil. They are formulated with potent beauty-boosting botanicals to set makeup for perfect lasting wear with a natural matte finish. Both these powders are great for all skin types and are particularly useful for those sensitive to fragrances since both are unscented. The Pressed Perfecting Powder and the Loose Perfecting Powder are lightly tinted in appearance but they go on clear. They contain tapioca extract which works to smooth skin. The silica in these formulations absorbs excess shine and Mattifies your final looks while amino acids works to deeply nourish and soothe skin. The final result is long lasting makeup with a wonderful matte finish and deeply nourished skin to boot. 


So be sure to check out these wonderful powders from Vapour Beauty. 

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