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The Best Clean Beauty Finishing Powders

20 Feb 2020
Finishing Powders

Finishing powders are often confused for setting powders and the terms are also used interchangeably. 

However, unlike setting powders which are used to set and mattify makeup, finishing powders are more heavy duty and are used on top of setting powders in order to smooth and blur skin even more. They are best used for special occasions when you’ll be photographed a lot.

Finishing powders are extremely popular because of their ability to hide fine lines and diminish the appearance of pores. They are formulated with mineral ingredients which can show up as splotchy white marks in photographs unless the powder is blended in well. Finishing powders are available in loose powder form as well as in pressed powder form. 

Loose powders are composed of smaller particles and usually have a lightweight coverage whereas pressed powders have larger particles and contain ingredients that stick together like silicone and waxes which, if not used carefully, can give your skin a cake-y appearance. Despite their ability to give your skin an airbrushed look, finishing powders can be problematic due to their reliance on toxic ingredients. 

One of the most prevalent ingredients in powders is talc. Also known as French chalk, talc can either be mined or produced industrially. Most talc unfortunately contains the known carcinogen asbestos and there are many health concerns that arise from the use of talc including cancer, organ system toxicity, and severe respiratory distress. 

Another problematic ingredient that is commonly used in powders is titanium dioxide. In inhalable form, as it may be in powders, titanium dioxide is also considered a possible carcinogen. It is linked with an increased risk of lung cancer due to inhalation exposure. There are, however, a multitude of clean beauty options for those who don’t want to give up their finishing powders. 

Natural and non-toxic Finishing Powders

Hynt Beauty offers finishing powders in 3 different shades that are natural, organic, cruelty free, non-comedogenic and are free of known toxins like talc, titanium dioxide, petrochemicals, parabens, nano-particles, silicones, and GMOs among others. Lily Lolo has finishing powders in 3 different shades with either a dewy or a matte finish depending on what you prefer. 

Ilia Beauty has a translucent finishing powder that is a blend of potent organic botanicals like Aloe leaf, passion fruit, and rosemary oil that keep your skin looking soft, supple, and soothed. Other options include the Pore Minimizing Finishing Powder by Au Naturale and the Loose Matte Finishing Powder by Glo Skin Beauty. 

With such wonderful natural and organic alternatives to choose from, you can still bring your A game to those special occasions or even everyday if you want to be Instagram ready. Your skin will thank you and you will continue looking your flawless best. Ditch the toxic ingredients today! 



A silky soft, delicate light powder which sets your makeup in place providing extra staying power. Our 100% Pure Finishing Powder instantly minimise lines and imperfections with a lightweight texture and natural formulation. 


This translucent loose mineral powder has a sheer finish, is weightless, and imparts a subtle soft-focused, airbrushed-like finish to your skin. It can be layered over foundation as a setting powder or worn on its own - your skin will look and feel amazing.


Formulated without animal bi-products, synthetic preservatives, nano particles, gluten, parabens, fillers or toxins, our Pore Minimizing Finishing Powder is 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA.


The translucent base is a blend of organic powder and oils including Aloe Leaf Extract, full of minerals and vitamins to help keep skin looking soft and supple. Passion Fruit and Rosemary Oil contain anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe the skin.


The one and only powder you will ever need. This ultra fine, light reflective powder is the ultimate finish to perfect looking skin. A virtually invisible powder that minimizes the appearance of pores, softens the skin and absorbs oil. Works synergistically with RMS Beauty "un" cover-up to create a silky second skin.


Beauty-boosting botanicals, tapioca powder and amino acids set makeup for perfect lasting wear with a natural matte finish. Best for all skin types. Lightly tinted but goes on clear. Perfecting Powder is formulated without Talc, Silicone or Dimethicone.

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