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Niod Survival Range: Support Healthy Skin Defences

09 Apr 2020
Niod Survival Range: Support Healthy Skin Defences

NIOD's Survival is a range of four products that provide networked protection systems with technologies that help support healthy skin defences against environmental and lifestyle-related assaults. Despite their lightweight texture, these formulations offer a broad selection of advanced technologies to target the effects of oxygen radicals including.

In addition to these protection systems, Survival 30, Survival 20 and Survival 10 offer respectively mineral-only UVB and UVA protection of SPF30, SPF20 and SPF10. Survival 0 does not offer UV protection and is intended for evening/nighttime use. These are potent products that are designed to seriously protect and rejuvenate skin from a wide range of aggressors. They work through the infusion of powerful botanicals and biotechnologies to completely overhaul the feel and appearance of your skin. 

Let’s take a look at some of the targeted results that this range of products provides. It harnesses potent carotenoid antioxidants to counteracts the adverse effects of blue light and to visibly improve dermal elasticity. The range contains technologies that are extremely effective in fighting radicals formed as a result of UV exposure, stress and pollution exposure. The potency of antioxidants support a wide range of protective functions while minimizing and reversing the appearance of photo damage. 

The Survival Range targets a broad range in the invisible light spectrum and reduces the appearance of redness associated with light exposure. It contains powerful pebiotic complexes that support friendly skin microorganisms without stimulating harmful ones. These products form a physical shield against urban pollution and smog both of which contribute significantly to premature ageing. 

These products supports calcium bioavailability which is essential to maintain the protective functions of healthy skin. They fight visible adverse effects caused by infrared while helping to prevent and reduce the appearance of photo damage. In addition to this, its important to note that Survival is not a tinted formulation. The slight tinted appearance is derived from the active technologies which should not be mistaken for pigmented offerings on the market that use makeup pigments to reduce the whitening effect of mineral UV filters.

When it comes to Survival 30, the highest UV protection offered in this range, the UV mechanism comes from Silicone-Dispersed Zinc Oxide (ZnO) and Titanium Dioxide (TiO2). Survival uses mainly ZnO for its protective effects since ZnO is actually also able to absorb UV rays without creating oxygen radicals and the supporting TiO2 that is used is only in rutile form to ensure no anatase form of TiO2 is used at all since it's an aggressive producer of free radicals. 

If your skin needs to recover from oxidative stress and damage, be sure to invest in this range to give your skin the support it deserves. 

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