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Refreshing, Nourishing, & Luxurious French Facial Mists | Odacité

04 Aug 2020
Refreshing, Nourishing, & Luxurious French Facial Mists | Odacité

For skincare that has both efficacy and purity, we bring you Odacité; a brand that makes the best of two worlds: luxurious French skincare and green California living.

Crafted from the most precious plant extracts and magical botanicals, these products instantly improve the way your skin looks and feels. Let’s take a look at their refreshing facial mists today.

The Rose + Neroli Hydra-Vitalizing Treatment Mist is a revitalizing facial mist crafted to, very effectively and innovatively, infuse your skin with balancing actives and perfect hydration. A divinely scented mist, each tiny drop of this exquisite formula is designed to care for all skin types to restore a fresh complexion. It instantly brings back comfort and glow to the skin while balancing sebum production, minimising appearance of pores, reducing blemishes, promoting skin health, and providing protection from environmental stressors.

The Aloe + Immortelle Hydra-Repair Treatment Mist is a rejuvenating facial that powerfully and uniquely infuses your skin with potent age defying actives and perfect hydration. Beautifully fragranced, every drop of this rejuvenating mist provides a burst of life to mature, dry and sensitive skin types. It provides an instant pick-me-up and glow to the skin while restoring a dewy and plump appearance, reducing inflammations and redness, stimulating skin to promote fresh and healthy-looking skin, and reducing puffiness from the skin and around the eyes.    

The Mint + Green Tea Hydra-Purifying Treatment Mist is a clearing facial mist that is formulated to potently infuse your skin with purifying actives and provide effective oil-free hydration. Exquisitely fragranced, this mist is perfectly crafted to care for oily and breakout-prone skin to promote a fresh and clear appearance by instantly bringing back comfort and glow to the skin. It works powerfully to clarify the look of acne-prone skin as it deeply purifies it and minimises the appearance of pores. It infuses the skin with hydration while delivering powerful antioxidants, removing excess oil and reducing dullness.

The hydrating mists are versatile and can be used before applying your serum or moisturisers, throughout the day to refresh your complexion, and as a final touch up after makeup. With all skin types being catered to, you can ensure a wonderfully hydrated and refreshed face everyday all day.

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