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Is gargling salt water good?

30 Jan 2020
Saltwater gargle

What does a salt water rinse / gargle do?

A saltwater gargle is a common remedy for sore throats in traditional cultures. Does it actually work though and what are the benefits of a salt water gargle? A saltwater gargle is a simple and humble home remedy that may have the answers to many common ailments that arise in the mouth and throat. 

The science behind the effectiveness of a saltwater gargle lies in the osmosis effect that is created when salt is added to water. This high concentration of salt draws out the fluids from the tissues of the mouth and throat to flush viruses out and it also creates a salt barrier that prevents infections from coming back. This simple technique works powerfully to fight inflammations, viruses, and bacteria that can cause sore and itchy throats. 

Is gargling salt water good?

It also works by breaking up thicker mucus which can also help get rid of other irritants, allergens, bacteria, and fungi from the recesses of the throat and mouth. The sodium in salt creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria and by drying out their environment, a saltwater gargle provides relief for sore and itchy throats. Not just for when you’re feeling under the weather, there are many other benefits of this simple home remedy.

It helps restore the natural pH levels in the mouth by neutralizing the acids in the throat. This helps maintain the appropriate balance of bacteria in your mouth and prevents harmful bacteria from accumulating and causing infections. The ability of saltwater gargle to break down mucus also helps clear nasal congestion. It thins out the mucus making it easier to be expelled while at the same time flushes out whatever bacteria or virus is causing the congestion. 

Salt water gargle as a remedy for many oral issues

It can also soothe canker sores in the mouth by easing the pain associated with the sores and speeding up the healing process. The ability of a saltwater gargle to expel bacteria and viruses also helps ease the symptoms and pain associated with tonsillitis. Another perhaps unexpected benefit is being able to get rid of bad breath. By restoring the natural pH balance and expelling bacteria, it can get rid of the biggest contributing factors of bad breath. 

A saltwater gargle can also soothe bleeding and sore gums by fighting the infection that cause it. Regularly gargling with saltwater can also prevent the buildup of plaque on your teeth. A simple saltwater gargle is an extremely cost effective and easily available remedy that can powerfully maintain the health of your teeth, gums, mouth, and throat.

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