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Sauerkraut and Probiotics

09 Sep 2019
Sauerkraut and Probiotics

Should I take Probiotics?

When we talk about gut health, it would be amiss without a discussion of your gut flora and how to improve it. What exactly is gut flora and why do we need to support it? Gut flora is the complex community of microorganisms that live in your intestinal lining or digestive tracts which have a very delicate balance. Our diet, lifestyle, and healthcare today can wreak havoc on this and we need to actively work to support the maintenance of this balance for overall good health. 

The consumption of probiotics is one way to support your gut flora. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are beneficial for your health. They provide much needed support to populating your gut with beneficial bacteria. Other than supplements, fermented foods are a very potent source of probiotics. Sauerkraut is one such fermented food that has immense nutritional value.

Is Sauerkraut good for you?

Sauerkraut is basically fermented cabbage. Even though it is believed to have originated in China, it gained its popular in Germany where it derives its name from. It is an extremely rich source of Vitamins C and K as well as of sodium and iron. It also contains high amounts of vitamin B6, manganese, folate, copper, and potassium. This nutritional profile results in a variety of health benefits. 

The probiotics present in sauerkraut can powerfully protect your body from harmful toxins and bacteria resulting in a marked improvement in overall immunity. It can also improve your digestive health by reducing gas, bloating, indigestion, and IBS while improving bowel movement and function. The consumption of sauerkraut has also been linked to an improvement in mental health and stress levels as well. It can lower symptoms of anxiety, depression, autism, and even OCD.   

Sauerkraut is also linked to improved cardiovascular health as well as bone health. A rich source of Vitamin K2, it works to powerfully bind calcium, the main mineral found in bones. It also reduces inflammatory conditions in the body and enables the body to better absorb nutrition by breaking down food into smaller and more easily digestible molecules. It lowers blood pressure, reduces risk of cancer, and improves the symptoms of allergies. 

A nutritional powerhouse, sauerkraut can easily be made at home. With evidence suggesting that just 2 ounces of homemade sauerkraut contain more probiotics than 100 probiotic capsules, we urge you to take the plunge and started fermenting cabbage today. 


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