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Vegan Certifications

17 Jun 2019
Vegan Certifications

Ethical and sustainable living is a lifestyle that calls for-conscientious purchasing.

When it comes to beauty products, there are a lot of labels that are thrown around like vegan, cruelty-free, vegetarian, etc. A lot of these claims can be unofficial and their veracity can be difficult to determine. There are, however, certifications and certifying bodies that do ensure legal conformance to their standards. So let’s dive into these.

When it comes to vegan certification, there are 4 certifications that are issued to ensure legal conformance to this claim. 

The first of these is “Certified Vegan”, issued by Vegan Action. It certifies that the product contains no animal ingredients and did also not use any animal ingredients, products, or animal derived GMO’s or genes in the manufacturing process. It also certifies that the product did not involve any animal testing of any ingredients or the finished products by any party in the supply chain. A couple of the brands we sell here right on Socialite Beauty which have this certification are Plume Lash & Brow Science, and Schmidt’s Naturals. 

Another “Vegan” certification is issued by the Vegan Society. It certifies that the product contains no animal ingredients or GMO’s from animal genes. It also certifies that the ingredients have not been tested on animals and that the aids to manufacturing process are vegan. As of right now, we sell products from Pai Skincare that have this certification. 

A third certification in this area is issued by PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program. It certifies whether a company tests on animals or not as well as certifies whether a company uses animal ingredients. We have a number of brands that are licensed to use this certification of not just cruelty free but also vegan by PETA including Clove + Hallow, Herbivore BotanicalsMad Hippie, and MOTD.

The “Vegan Approved” certification issued by the Vegetarian Society means that the product is free from ingredients derived from animals and GMO’s. It ensures that there is no cross-contamination during production, and nothing has been tested on animals. We have a range of products from Antipodes that carry this certification. 

These certifications can help you rest your mind at ease knowing that you are getting the products that uphold the same values that you do. So shop for these brands on our website and get the best beauty care products from ingredients derived from the most powerful botanicals on earth.

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