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The gifts of Mother Earth: Azomite Clay

15 Jan 2020
Azomite Clay

What is Azomite Clay used for?

Azomite Clay is rock dust that is chockfull of bioavailable trace minerals. It is popularly used as fertilizer for soil since it can replenish nutrients in soil that have been depleted due to weathering, leaching, and overuse. A natural product mined from an ancient mineral deposit, it is also used for human consumption even though there are some criticisms of this practice. 

A highly mineralized complex silica ore, Azomite Clay has a wide range of over 70 minerals and trace elements. It has a unique chemical makeup which can be attributed to its source – an ancient volcanic eruption that left ash settled into a seabed where it combined with sea water from hundreds of rivers.

Azomite’s chemical composition is useful for re-mineralization, not just of soil, but also for our body. It is popularly consumed by sitting a little in a glass of water and stirring it to ensure that the mineral ions get into the water and the heavier compounds fall to the bottom of the glass. This ensures a good supply of minerals which, anecdotally, can really boost energy levels by maintaining the mineral balance since mineral ions in water are easily absorbed by the body. 

Drinking water with azomite clay also boosts electrolytes. It can also be used by adding it to foot soaks or to bath waters to boost mineral absorption through the skin while pulling toxins out of your feet and body. It has powerful detoxifying properties. It attracts toxins, heavy metals, and other impurities and binds with them. This enables it to pull these harmful substances out of your body both through internal consumption and external use as well.

Due to these properties, Azomite is a popular clay for body cleansing. It is used in combination with other ingredients to make a natural detox drink that not only cleanses your digestive system, but also boosts essentials minerals in your body. It is an excellent source of silica, calcium, and magnesium among other trace minerals. This also helps support bone health and balances hormones as well. 

A versatile clay, Azomite has great results when used to replenish soil and can also benefit animals when consumed internally.        

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