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The many Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

11 Feb 2020
Tea Tree & Willow

What is Tea Tree Oil good for?

Tea tree oil is a popular ingredient in many personal care products with many swearing by its efficacy in promoting health skinhair, and even nails. Extracted from the tea tree which is native to Australia, this essential oil works best diluted with a carrier oil and is a great alternative to conventional products.  

Tea tree oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungalproperties. It contains multiple compounds that contribute to these properties including terpenin which is an antiseptic component that can kill certain bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Its anti-inflammatory compounds help in the soothing of painful and irritated skin, reducing redness and swelling. It also relieves the discomfort associated with dry and itchy skin. 

Tea Tree Oil for Acne

It’s antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties work powerfully to combat the bacteria that cause acne and breakouts. It also combats the excessive oil production that is associated with acne and pimples helping not only to clear your skin and also prevents future breakouts. Tea tree oil also reduces the lesions and scars that are caused by acne giving you clearer skin. It also helps tighten pores due to its astringent properties. From the Tea Tree Face Cream by Patyka to the Tea Tree & Willow Clarifying Astringent by 100% Pure®, we have a wide range of products that leverage the powerful properties of Tea Tree Essential Oil to give you clean and clear skin. 

Tea Tree Oil for all else!

Not just for skin, tea tree oil is just as useful when used in hair care as a natural cleanser that works without causing any damage or dryness. It also helps in prevent hair loss and promotes hair growth by unclogging the hair follicles and nourishing the roots. It also works surprisingly well as a moisturizer which is useful for dry and itchy scalps. This combined with its antifungal and antibacterial properties also make tea tree oil very effective in fighting dandruff without causing any dryness. 

Tea tree oil is great on nails and underarms too. Its natural anti-fungal properties help maintain healthy nails by fighting fungal infections that cause brittle, yellow or discolored nails. It works by breaking down and disrupting fungal cells which can prevent them from further dividing and growing. It also helps fight off the bacteria associated with body odor due to its powerful antibacterial properties making it a perfect ingredient in deodorants. 

Australian researchers studying tea tree oil discovered that a 5 percent solution was just as effective as benzoyl peroxide, a leading acne medication found in conventional acne skin care that can be stripping or irritating on many skin types. Tea tree oil comes from the Australian tree, Melaleuca alternifolia. Leaves from this tree are steam distilled to extract the oil, and Dermatology Times says the ingredient ‘terpin-4-ol’ is the active ingredient responsible for tea tree oil’s antimicrobial benefits. The aromatics of tea tree alone will have your skin feeling tingly, fresh, and totally cleansed!


This skin clarifying mask is made with salicylic acid to help unclog pores; naturally antibacterial tea tree, parsley, and rosemary to purify; and seaweed and basil to detoxify.


This anti-inflammatory toner nourishes, hydrates, softens, and purifies without stripping, dehydrating or irritating. Beneficial for acnegenic skin types.

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